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Ordering your Wedding Invitations

Sending your invitations

You should send your invitations six to eight weeks before the wedding. If you have guests coming from interstate or overseas, it is a good idea to provide even more notice (perhaps informally so that they have a chance to make travel arrangements). Ensure all invitations are posted at the same time to avoid some guests receiving theirs earlier than others.

Remember to write your return address on the back of each envelope so that you know if any invitations do not reach your guests.

RSVP Dates

The RSVP date should be set at least 3 weeks before the date of your wedding. This will give you the opportunity to send additional invites if regrets come in.


The font, (often also referred to as lettering or typeface) refers to the design of the individual letters on your invitations. Select a font that is easy to read, and matches the style of your wedding. Curved ornate fonts will give the impression of a more traditional style. Modern fonts with clean lines will allude to more contemporary style. The font you choose, along with your wording and invitation style should create a tone that reflects the tone of the wedding.

The size of the font best used will depend on the invitation you have chosen, the amount of wording. A reputable stationery provider can provide advice on this.

Invitation Wording

The wording may be presented in a variety of styles, and along with the font and stationery style sets the tone for your wedding.

Invitations wording should contain the essential information. This includes:

  • who is getting married
  • times of your ceremony and reception
  • locations of the wedding and reception. Inlcude the full addess
  • an RSVP date and address.

If you are having an outdoor wedding you may choose to include any wet weather plans.

How the wording is presented is also affected by how formal the wedding is, who is paying for the wedding and or family circumstances.

Your stationery provider can offer assistance with a range of wording options.

Invitation Printing

Your stationer can print your personalized invitations for you, or you can opt for DIY invitations and stationery, where you will need access to an inkjet or laser printer.

A wonderful selection of inks are now available. Gold and silver inks have always been a traditional favorite. Today you can choose from a host of ink colors to complement the colors and style of your wedding.