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Why should I send Corporate Christmas cards?

Christmas is a great time to let your customers, suppliers and staff know how much you value them. There are lots of good reasons to send Corporate Christmas cards:

Build loyalty and sales. Whatever your business, your future sales will depend on the relationships you have with your customers. It’s all about staying in contact and showing your customers that they are important. Sending Corporate Christmas cards is one way to do this. Your Christmas cards will be appreciated by your clients, and might even remind them to buy from you.

They will be viewed. – Corporate Christmas cards are personal and are therefore much more likely to be viewed than marketing material or direct mail. They remind your customers of your product or service and build brand recognition. They are also more likely to be kept on display in the clients workplace well past the festive season.

Create a positive impression with all stakeholders. You can send Corporate Christmas cards to your suppliers, prospective customers and even internal staff.

A cost effective marketing opportunity that you can’t afford to miss. Marketing to build new business can cost thousands. For a small investment of less than $3 per customer you can generate loyalty and recall for your business.

A chance to stand out from the crowd. Your competitors may not remember to acknowledge customers with corporate Christmas cards. This gives you the chance to create a positive impression.

Build brand recognition. Have your company logo printed on your Christmas cards. Increase your chances of your customer thinking of you to supply particular products or services.

You can support charity. A positive thing to do at Christmas time is to send Christmas cards that support charity. You and your customers will feel great that you have played a part in helping those in need.