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Baby Shower Etiquette

Who hosts a baby shower?

Baby showers can take time and money to organise. A friend or family member will usually volunteer if they are interested.

You can throw your own baby shower, however normally a friend hosts them. You might consider calling it a party. 2nd babies and adopted babies - Baby showers are more commonly held for first children. In today's modern world it is now very acceptable to hold a shower for second children or even adopted babies. They're special too.

Who should be invited to a baby shower?

The mother should be consulted to determine who gets invited. Sometimes a baby shower is an all girls party. Men and children might also attend. As men and children have different interests to an all girls group, different activities would need to be organized.

Baby Shower invitation wording

The wording on a baby shower invitation should include all the important details.

  • Name of expecting mother
  • The sex of the baby if known
  • Date
  • Time
  • Location and full address
  • RSVP date, name and Phone number
  • The host's name
  • If the mother is subscribed to a gift registry, be sure to mention this in the invitation.

You might choose to include some extra wording, a verse or a poem. Stationery Online offers many wording choices when you order fully printed baby shower invitations online.

Sending baby shower invitations

Invitations should be sent at least one month before the shower to make sure it reaches everyone. That way if you have returned mail there will be enough time to notify the friend or family member personally.